Very Rare Currency

Bronze (1/4)

  • #905409 Currency, Gordian Ii, Sesterce, 238, Rome, Very Rare, Tb, Bronze, Ric1
  • Bronze Gauls Bituriges Bn 10349 Very Rare Exceptional
  • (155) Very Rare Papale Medaille Vatican In Bronze Porcelaine And Or 67.20 Gr
  • Launch Citroen X M Medaille / Press Bronze Paper Dijon 1989 Tres Rare
  • Bronze Gauls Bituriges Bn 10349 Very Rare Exceptional
  • Tres Rare Monetary Weight Lilies Xviii Brass Bronze Superb Condition 6 Gr Make Offer
  • #906785 Currency, Sabine, Sesterce, 129, Rome, Very Rare, Sup, Bronze
  • Signaculum Roman Gaul Narbonnaise Bronze Very Rare
  • A Pi This Tr S Rare Of 10 Centimes 1897 Bronze Who Can Valoir 4500
  • Gauloise Bituriges Cubi, Bronze Legend Cambil, Portrait Variant Very Rare
  • (518) Tatinos Rare Bronze
  • Gallic Mint #tres Rare #bronze Exobnos Turons
  • Superb Bronze Ambiani To Horse Androcephaly Very Rare
  • Pictons, Bronze Viretios, Celtic Coin, Poitiers Ttb, Very Rare
  • Very Rare Plaque/medaille In Bronze By Paul Michaux 1955 Cats
  • The 19 Pi These Fran Aises Tr S Rares Daniel Dupuis In Bronze