Very Rare Currency

Louis (1/7)

  • Very Rare, Louis Xiv, Denier Tournaments 1649 A Double Setback Whose Incuse Strikes
  • Very Rare And Superb 20-franc Gold Coin 1815 B Louis Xviii Ngc Au55
  • Very Rare 1/5 Ecu With Headband 1770 Besançon Louis Xv Sup
  • Louis Xviii Siege D'anvers Test 10 Cents 1814 Bronzed Tin Very Rare
  • Tres Rare Medaille For Louis Xvii 21 January 1793
  • Very Rare Double Louis Gold Louis Louis Xvi 1791 A Paris Rr Sup / Spl
  • Superb Coin Louis 1st The Stakes 814-840 Very Very Rare And Beautiful Format
  • Louis Xiv Louis D'or With Wig 1687 Paris Superb Pcgs Au55 Very Rare
  • Louis Xiv Tres Rare Demi Ecu A La Cravate 1681k Bordeaux
  • Louis Xiv Ecu At 3 Crowns 1714 Very Rare Reindeer Splendid Ngc Ms61
  • Very Rare And Very Beautiful Coin 20 Francs Or 1830 A Louis Philippe Hollow Slice
  • Louis Xvi Constitution Essay 1791 Bronzed Tin Very Rare
  • Louis Xvi Constitution Essay 1791 By Bernier Bronzed Tin Very Rare
  • France Currency Of 1/2 Half Louis D'or Of Louis Xv 1732 In Paris Very Rare / Gold
  • Louis Xvi Rare Half Ecu Bust Dresses 1791a Leopard Draw Very Little Rating 240e
  • Sol Louis Xvi To The Ecu Lyon Incuse Very Rare