Very Rare Currency

Newest Items (1/83)

  • Very Rare Gold Ecu Golden Sheep Jean Ii The Good Issue Of 17/01/1355
  • Longostallets Narbonne Region Béziers Very Rare Ttb Mercury Trepied
  • France 1/2 Half Gold Louis Of Louis Xv 1732 A Paris Very Rare /gold
  • Marianne Punch Bust Of Marianne Very Rare
  • Very Rare, Louis Xiv, Denier Tournaments 1649 A Double Setback Whose Incuse Strikes
  • Netherlands Spaniards Tres Rare Token From Holland Chamber Of Accounts 1571
  • Very Rare 50nf Ticket On 5000f Henry Iv From 30 10 58 Ttb
  • Henry Iv Tres Rare Token For The Dauphine Date 1614
  • Very Rare Billet Of 10f Minerve Of 3/1/1918 In Neuf
  • Very Rare And Superb 20-franc Gold Coin 1815 B Louis Xviii Ngc Au55
  • Rare And Very Beautiful 20-franc Coin 1826 W Charles X Ngc Au53
  • Very Rare And Very Beautiful 20-franc Gold Coin 1813 Cl Napoleon I Ngc Xf45
  • Very Rare, Superb 20-franc Gold 1855 Bb Dog/bee Variety Ngc Au58
  • Very Rare Seditious Medal. Here's The Best Republic
  • Very Rare 1/5 Ecu With Headband 1770 Besançon Louis Xv Sup
  • Very Rare Pice 40 Francs Gold From Charles X 1830 A Mistakes On The Sup Slice