Very Rare Currency

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  • Very Rare French Room 1 Or 20 Francs 1868 A Napoleon Iii Ttb Original
  • Normandy Very Rare Token Representative Le Pont De Rouen 1677
  • P3370 Very Rare Sheep Golden John Ii 1350-1364 Gold Gold Au
  • Very Rare 5 Francs Louis Philippe I 1830a Without The Slice In Relief 420 Tb
  • Napoleon 1st, Beautiful 5 Francs 1812 W Lille Superb Condition, Rare
  • O5726 Very Rare Medal Louis Xviii Peer Room Andrieu Desnoyers Silver Sup
  • Feudal. County Bar, Maille Of Tierce Edward I, Ref Boudeau 1427, Very Rare
  • Louis Ix, Saint Louis, Big Tournaments, Very Rare 3
  • Rare Medal Of Wedding 1905 Silver Silver Medal L @@ K
  • Very Rare Medal Wedding Box 1869 Silver
  • Silicic Very Rare Jovin
  • 2 Euros Vatican Swiss Guard In 2006 Rare No Box Under Capsule
  • Longostalètes (area Of ​​narbonne) Bronze Kaiantolo / Basil. Very Rare
  • Lucius Verus Tree Rare Sesterce Setback! In Its Juice Weight 25gr01
  • Bronze Medal Our Lady Of Paris Florentin Rare Has Exhausted The Cdm
  • New! Very Rare Case Bu Monaco 2009 8 Pieces 8000 Copies Rare