Very Rare Currency

Personnage > Louis Xvi

  • Louis Xvi Double Louis D'or 1786 A Exceptional State Very Rare
  • Royal Mint Fautee @ Very Rare Limoges Liard With Incuse Strike @ Error
  • Louis Xvi Louis D'or Bareheaded 1785 D Lyon Very Rare Pcgs Au50
  • L9836 Very Rare 2 Louis Xvi Floors François 1792 T. Saumur Ttb Make Offer
  • M5673 Very Rare Constitution 12 Deniers Louis Xvi 1792 D Lyon Year 4/3 Francois Sp
  • 2 Sols Constitution Francois Louis Xvi 1792a An4 Sup Cote 600 Very Rare Quality
  • O1566 Very Rare Ecu Constitution Louis Xvi 1792 H La Rochelle Silver Silver Sup
  • Louis Xvi Mid-ecu 1792 Paris Very Rare Splendid Magnificent Patina
  • Superb Louis Xvi Golden Louis 1787 Aa Metz 2nd Week Very Rare Brilliant Typing
  • Very Rare Louis Xvi Proof Coin In 16 Pieces For The Louis Louis 1785 Double