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Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare

Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare

Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare    Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare

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Superb with much of its original red color. Date: 1870 metal: bronze diameter: 29mm axis of the corners: 6h. Obverse legend: die hiebe frankreich - aus liebe - teilt mit russland.

Obverse description: bust melted and affronted by the tsar alexander ii and napoleon iii. Translation obverse: (the shots / france / by love / sharing with Russia).

Reverse title: engli - sche tück - belgian geschick. Description reverse: bust mixed and confronted with a bald and horned devil and a sailor with beret registered john bull. Reverse translation: the difficulties pettiness? English / skill of the Belgians.

Commentary classic depiction of caricatures of the time: Napoleon III, Alexander II and John Bull, character used to refer to the people of England or Great Britain itself. Historical proclaimed Emperor under the name of Napoleon III, Louis Napoleon made his solemn entry to Paris on December 2, 1852. He marries Eugenie Marie de Montijo, Spanish aristocrat, in January 1853. His reign can be divided into three periods: the authoritarian empire until 1860; the liberal empire from 1860 to 1870 and the parliamentary empire in 1870. During the authoritarian empire, napoleon iii exercises its power without sharing, controls the press while newspapers practice self-censorship to prevent their suppression.

The prefects exercise unlimited power in the departments, the mayors, the civil servants are appointed by the government. As under the first empire, education and the university are supervised. Now the great principles of the revolution, the sovereignty of the people is continued through plebiscite consultation. On the economic front, growth is important, industrialization is developing, as well as credit organizations and department stores. Military prestige is increased by the Crimean War, which allows France to play an international role. The attack of Orsini (January 1858) does not prevent France to intervene in Italy to make triumph the principle of nationalities and allows the attachment of nice and savoie by the Treaty of Turin (March 1860).

From 1860, the empire evolves towards more liberties: free-trade treaty of trade with england, appearance of a weak opposition in the legislative body, granting of the right to strike (1864), liberalization of the press (1868) . At the international level, France acquires New Caledonia, Cochin-China, and encourages the digging of the Suez Canal by Ferdinand de lesseps. In Mexico, however, support for Maximilian and Austria is a failure.

The elections of 1869 are very bad for the regime and the opposition gets 45% of the votes. The regime then evolves into a parliamentary empire by calling emile ollivier, leader of the Orleanist and Liberal party, in power. After sadowa in 1866 when prussia crushes austria, the affair of the throne of spain and the dispatch of ems involve the war which is declared on July 19, 1870. Accumulating setbacks, the French army is encircled in metz then Napoleon III, ill, capitulates at Sedan on September 2nd.

As soon as the news is known, the decay of the empire is announced by Gambetta, then the republic is proclaimed on September 4th. Napoleon III is then taken captive in hesse and then leaves in the kent where he died in 1873. The item "satirical money / token france belgium russia engleterre very rare" is on sale since Tuesday, February 18, 2014. It is in the category "coins \ world coins \ europe \ west europe". The seller is "collection57100" and is located in aboncourt.

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  1. metal: bronze alloy
  2. year of striking: 1870
  3. country: france belgium russia england

Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare    Satiric Currency / Token France Belgium Russia England Very Rare