Very Rare Currency

Quality > Sup (1/2)

  • T2024 Tres Rare 1/10 Ecu Bandeau Louis Xv 1750 W Lille Silversilver
  • T1596 Very Rare Half 1/2 Ecu Bust Dressed Louis Xvi 1790 A Silver Sup
  • Rare Very Beautiful 5 Sols Aux Insignes Louis Xiv 1702 D Lyon Argent
  • T1597 Tres Rare Half 1/2 Ecu Bust Dressed Louis Xvi 1791. A Leopard Silver Sup
  • T1886 Tres Rare 1/5 Ecu Louis Xvi 1787 R Orléans Silver Sup
  • T2062 Tres Rare 10 Insignia Floors Louis Xiv 1707 T Silver Nantes -f Offer
  • S2405 Very Rare R3 1/2 Ecu Louis Xv Au Bandeau 1728 P Dijon Silver Silver Sup
  • T2042 Tres Rare 1/10 Ecu Louis Xvi 1783 A Paris Silver Sup
  • T5901 Very Rare 5 Francs Napoléon Iii 1855 Bb Silver Silver Superbe +++ F O
  • S7365 Very Rare! 1 Centime Napoleon Iii 1856 D Lyon Superb! -proposal
  • S6789 Very Rare Swissswitzerland Watched Genèvre Silver Silver Obole Silver
  • D1962 Very Rare Medal Art Deco Dancer Colombes Aulos 1926 Turin N°26/50 Sup
  • R1997 Very Rare Sfam Medal Without Peinty In The Day Life Corbin 1950 N°48 Sup
  • T1500 Tres Rare Half 1/2 Ecu Louis Xiv Long Wick 1649 & Aix Silver Silver
  • P2080 Very Rare! Hardi Louis Xii La Rochelle Point 9 Sup! The Beautiful Connected
  • R2016 Very Rare Art Deco Medal Centaure Samf N°48 Paris 1937 Gaumont Sup