Very Rare Currency

Bronze (1/5)

  • #908844 Currency, Julia Domna, As, 208, Roma, Very Rare, Ttb+, Bronze, Ric877
  • #940394 Currency, Antonin The Pious, Sesterce, Rome, Very Rare, Tb+, Bronze, Ric
  • #908879 Currency, Julia Domna, Sesterce, Roma, Very Rare, Ttb+, Bronze, Ric859
  • Very Rare Bronze Medal Isaac Silvestre De Sacy Musée De Paris Ed. 1938
  • Very Rare Bronze Medal Modernist Thecla Matrixing Fonderie Under Pressure
  • #940527 Currency, Didia Clara, Sesterce, 193, Roma, Very Rare, Tb, Bronze, Ric
  • Very Rare 1 Centime 1900 Dupuis Ttb+ France Bronze
  • #906486 Currency, Lucius Verus, Sesterce, 163-164, Rome, Very Rare, Sup, Bronze
  • Very Rare 2 Centimes 1900 Dupuis Sup France Bronze
  • #908874 Currency, Titus, As, 80-81, Roma, Very Rare, Ttb+, Bronze, Ric154
  • Bronze Medaille 80mm. Floriculture. (flowers) Sig. Bouchard. Very Rare
  • Celtic Gaul Parisii Bronze With Horse Century Before Jesus Christ Very Rare
  • #905409 Currency, Gordian Ii, Sesterce, 238, Rome, Very Rare, Tb, Bronze, Ric1
  • Bronze Gauls Bituriges Bn 10349 Very Rare Exceptional
  • (155) Very Rare Papale Medaille Vatican In Bronze Porcelaine And Or 67.20 Gr
  • Launch Citroen X M Medaille / Press Bronze Paper Dijon 1989 Tres Rare