Very Rare Currency

Coin (1/16)

  • Italy 20 Lire 1816 Gold Victor Emmanuel I Ttb Sardinia Very Rare Coin
  • Holy Grail Olympic Quarter: Look For This Rare Error Coin In Your Pocket Change
  • Very Rare, Constantine I, Nummus, R/ Eternal Piety, Vf/vf+ Roman Empire Cons
  • #1021661 Coin, Valentinian I, Solidus, 364-367, Arles, Very Rare, Extremely Fine, Gold
  • The Title In English Would Be: "uk Twenty Pence 1982 Coin - Most Valuable, Worth Up To £400,000 To Look For"
  • "tr S Rare Greek Coin Triobole Of Crotone: Coin Presentation 140"
  • 2 Euro Coin 2002 Bull With S In The Star Very Rare
  • 2 Euro Coin Germany Faulty Very Rare 2002 Letter J Misaligned
  • 2 Euro Coin 2002 Bull With S In Star Very Rare
  • 2 Euro Coin 2002 Germany Federal Eagle With The Letter G. Very Rare Error
  • Rare 2002 Greek 2 Euro Coin With "s" In The Star, Very Good Condition
  • Very Rare Ancient Silver Pirate Coin Found Inland. Please Read L123f.
  • Very Rare Obviously Romain Petit Coin Minimal Stamp. A Must Read
  • "flawed 2 Euro Coins François Mitterand 1916-2016 Rare Coin In Very Good Condition"
  • Translation: German 2002 2 Euro Coin Federal Eagle Typo Very Rare
  • Piece Twenty Centimes Italy Faulty Very Rare 2002