Very Rare Currency

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  • Very Rare Denarius From The Civil Wars, 69 Ad, Cologne, Ttb, R3 1100dgc1
  • Very Rare Marc Antoine Denier, Pietas, Military Workshop, R3, Tb+ 400dman1
  • Anonymous Denier, Bishopric Of Soissons Picardy Very Rare
  • Three Rare Silver Token - Notaries Nevers Splendid Horn
  • Very Rare Claude Denier, Ttb, R3, Certificate Of Authenticity 650dcl1
  • Rare 2002 Portugal 1 Euro Coin Very Rare
  • Very Rare Bronze Wish Token Box, Mr. Maurice Druon's Collection
  • Very Rare 1915 High Grade Mercury Dime With Wings Daniel Carr Fantasy Overstrike
  • Germanicus As Dupondius, Very Rare Reverse March
  • France 50 Francs 1950 Guiraud Ttb+ Very Rare Copper-aluminum Coin
  • Augustus Like Aes. Rare Very Beautiful, With Received Signs
  • Very Rare Victoor, First Coins
  • Very Rare Silver Medal Of Loos Revolution For The Execution Of The Queen 1793
  • France. Collection. Royal Currency, Louis Xv. Very Rare Écu 1730 A Silver
  • France Royal Currency. Very Rare 5 Francs Shield. 1830 A Without The I. Tiolier Type
  • Saint-denis Basilica And Martyr By Bizette-lindet Brass Tbe 1983 Very Rare