Very Rare Currency

Période > Monnaie Féodale (1/2)

  • Vendome Very Rare Denier De John 3
  • Denier Hugues 1st. Duke Of Burgundy. Very Rare
  • Very Rare Narbonne Aimeri Iii And Arnaud Amaury 1225
  • Provence Anjou Lambel Robertus Robert D'anjou, Very Rare In This State
  • Denier Hugues I. Duke Of Burgundy. Very Rare
  • Very Rare 2 Varieties Of Carolus Type 5 1622 (charles Quint / Besançon)
  • Currency Baronial Blois Anonymous Feudal Superb! Very Rare (unique!)
  • Charles The Bald Saint Martin Tours Very Rare Variety Deny
  • Denier Remiremont Feudal Currency Very Rare Lorraine
  • Liard Béarn- Imitation Workshop Frinco (italian Piedmont) - Very Rare
  • Denier Remiremont Very Rare Feudal Currency
  • (f. 125) Burgundy Eudes Iv Double Parisis Of Auxonne (very Rare)
  • (reff. 71) Savoy Obole The Temple Of Bishopric Lausanne Xii S (rare)
  • L9428 Very Rare Aquitaine Édouard Iv Black Prince Bold Tarbes Silver Sup Mo
  • M6165 Very Rare! Robert Ii Denier Paris Silver Make Offer
  • (f 3) Brittany Jean Iv Double Denarius With Ermine (valves) Very Rare