Very Rare Currency

Period > Imperial 96 - 235 Ad

  • (2298) Very Rare (unpublished According To Cgb) Sestertius Of Trajan (weight 26.97 Gr)
  • Restitution Of A Very Rare And Superb Dupondius Of Augustus Nerva
  • Rome Sesterce Elagabal 220 Ad Libertas Ric. 358 Very Rare
  • (2419) Very Rare (r2-r3) Sestertius Of Didia Julia 21.85 G
  • Rome As Antoninus Pius And Marcus Aurelius 139 Ad Very Rare
  • Rome Denarius Geta Minerva Pacifera 204 Ad Very Rare Ric. 31 17-297
  • Romaine! As Of Nerva, Reverse Concordia Exercitvvm, Clasped Hands, Very Rare
  • Sabina Sabine (augusta 128-136/7) Uncertain Eastern Workshop Denarius. Very Rare
  • Very Rare R3 Silver Denarius Of Emperor Pertinax 193 Weight 2.9 Grams Diameter 18 Mm
  • Sabina Sabine (augusta 128-136/7) Uncertain Oriental Workshop Denarius. Very Rare
  • Very Rare As Of Commodus (not Listed In Ric) R/provid. Avg Galley
  • Very Rare Denarius Of Trajan, Dacia Captured 109-108 Ad, Roman Empire, 3.07g In Very Fine Condition