Very Rare Currency

Medal (1/4)

  • Tres Rare Medal Sainte Marie Du Grand Lebrun Bordeaux Caudéran ###
  • Dept 51 Reims Very Rare Silver Medal Bicycle Club (general Neighborhood) 1892
  • Very Rare Medal 1881 German Maritime Observatory Die Deutsche Seewarte
  • (604) Second Empire Very Rare Gold Medal In Regional Agricultural Competition 1861
  • (m. 12) Medal Race De Vélocipède 1891 (with Box) Very Rare Rare Silver
  • Mauritius/mauritius Very Rare Medal Of A Colonial Exhibition End Xix
  • Pont Nicola Ii Alexandre Iii 1900 Paris Very Rare Medal By Coudray & Dropsy
  • Vatican Tres Rare Euro 2002 Box With Silver Medaille At The Center
  • Medal The Lyon Gas Company November 1904 Very Rare (59-37/a10)
  • Louis Xv Table Medal October 25, 1722 Reims Acre D=41mm Tres Rare
  • Very Rare Belgian Bank Of Congo Medal 1909-1959 Vermeil Silver Medal
  • O6006 Tres Rare Medal Stewardship Guard Charles X Desnoyers Spl Fdc
  • R2016 Very Rare Art Deco Medal Centaure Samf N°48 Paris 1937 Gaumont Sup
  • R1962 Very Rare Medal Art Deco Dancer Doves Aulos 1926 Turin No.26/50 Sup
  • Tokens /medal France - School Beaux Arts Lyon Very Rare- Super Silver
  • R2012 Very Rare Fonte Medal Uniface Art Deco Aphrodite Cupid Delannoy Sup