Very Rare Currency

Métal > Cuivre (1/3)

  • Francois Ii Very Rare Jeton Of 1560 (with Busts François Ii And Marie Stuart)
  • Three Rare. Medaille. International Exposure Chile 1875. (appeal 5 Possible)
  • Tres Rare Currency Bermuda, Georges Iii Penny 1793 Lot Bermuda Currency
  • Very Rare (unique) 2 Hand-graved Floors In Hunting Jet At The Beginning Of Xixth Century
  • Lyon Tres Rare Jeton De La Famille Michel 1699
  • 5 Centimes Dupre Year 6/5 A, Decime Recapture, Tres Rare & De Qualite
  • Royale Louis Xiii, Very Rare Last Tournaments 1635 Saint Palais, In Tb
  • Marteau Count Token (stone Cutter), 14° Century, Very Rare
  • Five Centimes Dupré An 7 Paris Double Hit Pcgs Au55 Superb Very Rare
  • Very Rare Curved Piece Make Offer Decimates Without Facial Value Double Avers
  • Roman Pl. Cilicia Claudius 41 54 Rare R1. Very Good Quality
  • 2 Decimes An 4 I Limongs Very Rare Big
  • Very Rare, Louis Xiv, Denier Tournaments 1649 A Double Setback Whose Incuse Strikes
  • Netherlands Spaniards Tres Rare Token From Holland Chamber Of Accounts 1571
  • Royal Currencies Double Tournaments 1579 - Deniers 1624 O Riom Very Rare
  • Hammer Account Token (stone Cutter), 14th Century, Very Rare